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Try before you buy

Try before you buy FREE


‘Try before you buy’ allows you to remove the worry in appointing a wedding photographer. I wouldn't expect anybody to entrust their most precious photographs without first sampling the product. After all you will test drive a car before buying, and maybe try on clothes before taking them home. The same can now be said for your wedding photographs.

We’ll meet up in an outdoor space such as a country estate and can have a chat about your wedding plans, along the way we’ll take some casual photographs in the same way as we would for your wedding day. Once done I can send them over to you at NO COST. Only once you have seen the photos do you make a decision to book me or not, it really is that simple.

You'll get a hot drink provided, some fun and maybe a bit of cringe!! (but that really is part of the experience and yields great photos).

Often, when I meet clients they are very nervous about having their photos taken. My job isn’t simply to take your photograph, it is also to take down your guard and inject some fun. I will use techniques and games, and I promise you will have fun.

A few great places to meet up are; Westgate Gardens Canterbury, Mount Ephraim Faversham, Kearsney Abbey Dover, Knole Park Sevenoaks.

Sound good? Use the form below and arrange yours now.


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